Holy Land Tour 15-27 Mar 2020

Dear Friends,

Praising God for the precious peace we have here as we celebrate Singapore’s National Day.

I am writing to find out whether you will be interested to go for an Israel Holy Land Tour. Many have been asking me about leading a pilgrimage there but I have been postponing it. As I have not been there myself, I am making this recce trip to explore the possibilities.

I will be going with an established Israel tour agency and will be keeping the group to around 15 people (this is very small compared to the normal tour group of 50-80 and above with most churches). As such the cost will be a little bit more (church’s group about $4.6k) estimated about $5k. We will be visiting the usual popular sites with my input and format of the day where possible or necessary. It will be twin sharing and there will be 2-3 sessions of compulsory classes as preparation for the trip. This much I can tell you.

Everything is still in the planning stage, but if you are interested and available, you can email me directly to place a tentative reservation. Details and confirmation should be ready by September.

Always seeking soulful pathways to deepening our relationship with God so that His will be “done on earth (in and through me) as it is in heaven”.

Alfred Quah
One Path

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