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Generally, the duration of a guided silent retreat ranges from one day to seven days, any time of the week. The most common being the 3 days 2 nights over a weekend (Check-in on Friday morning and Check-out on Sunday before lunch). There are local as well as overseas venues available for the retreat.

For group retreat, 5-10 persons are required for cost effectiveness, on the usage of various facilities shared among the group.

A typical program for the retreat will be a daily morning and evening prayers, with a meditation on a theme/focus, and an optional afternoon meditation. Reflective questions and other spiritual exercises will be suggested for use during the retreat. Daily one-on-one spiritual direction will be provided for each retreatant (half an hour each). As for the actual theme/focus of the retreat, as well as the dates for the retreat, we can discuss and decide together.  

I do guide individual retreatant doing their individual personal retreat by booking the retreat room and providing spiritual direction during the duration of their stay. Dates depends on availability of the retreat place and my calendar. For a more comprehensive listing of retreats and workshops and the cost for the different services, please contact us for details.

A Sampling of Retreats:

i.  Lenten Retreat
This retreat uses the themes of the Lent season (Ash Wednesday to Good Friday) to experience the final journey of Jesus in our lives.

ii.  Sensing God Retreat
In this retreat we explore how to use our five senses of sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing to encounter God in our daily lives.

iii.  The One Thing Retreat
In this retreat we reflect on our walk with God through the framework of the “One Thing” spirituality.

iv.  Seven Sacred Pauses Retreat
In this retreat we rediscover the rich Christian heritage of observing the Liturgical hours and how this rhythm of living can enrich our relationship with God.

v.  Living The Sabbath Rhythm Retreat
This retreat is crafted according to the Sabbath rhythm so that retreatants can experience its relevance in our modern contemporary life style.

vi.  Practicing The Presence Retreat
This retreat provides the opportunity to integrate the practice of the presence of God in our daily life.

vii.  Be Still Retreat
In this retreat, retreatants will be guided through meditating on Psalm 46 as God’s invitation to experience greater freedom in their lives, especially during challenging times.

viii.  Practicing Your Path Retreat
In this retreat we will discover our prayer style through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality profiling tool.

ix.  Devotedness Retreat
In this retreat, we encounter the heart of the Christian discipleship journey, which is devotion or holiness.

x.  Singing Our Prayer, Praying Our Song Retreat
This retreat is especially designed for choirs to experience renewal in their calling as well as refreshment in their souls.

xi.  Social Holiness Retreat
This retreat is designed for those involved in social outreach ministry to return to holiness as their source of calling.

xii.  Language Of Prayer Retreat
In this retreat, retreatants will discover and experiment with a variety of prayers.

xiii.  Everyday God Retreat
In this retreat, retreatants will discover how to find God in their ordinary mundane day to day living.

xiv.  Mid-Life Retreat
This retreat is designed for those experiencing mid-life transition and seeking discernment and direction.

xv.  Autumn Years Retreat
This retreat is designed for those facing the challenges of growing older and seeking God for this phase of their journey.

xvi.  Home Retreat
This retreat is designed with the dynamics of the “retreat in daily life” within a 7-day retreat setting.

xvii.  The Cup Of Life Retreat
This retreat is crafted based on Joyce Rupp’s book of the same title, The Cup of our Life: A Guide to Spiritual Growth.

A Sampling of Spiritual Formation Workshops:

i.  Inductive Bible Study Course
This is a 6-8 week introduction on how to study the Bible in a systematic, detailed and fruitful way through skilled observation, questioning, and survey of possibilities, handling of interpretation, drawing implication, appropriation and application.

ii.  The Synoptic Gospel Workshop
This is a 4-6 week introduction to appreciating the similarities, differences and uniqueness of the four gospels.

iii.  Wisdom Literature in the Bible
This is a 4-6 weeks introduction to the Wisdom tradition and writing in the Bible, in particular the Psalm, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs and Job, and drawing application for our lives.

iv.  Kingdom of God Seminar
Based on the Lord’s Prayer, this series of workshop will look at how we can live out our true identity as Kingdom People in the growing encroachment of the Marketplace in our society. We will recover the community of Kingdom people as our context and learn to fulfil the mission of the Kingdom in our day to day living with the resources made available from our King.

v.  School of Prayer Course
In this course, participants will explore beyond the limited scope of verbal prayer forms and the usual ACTS method (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication) of prayer to a deeper understanding of Prayerfulness.

vi.  Spiritual Practices Workshop
This workshop will introduce participants to some classic spiritual practices including Silence & Solitude, Prayer of Examen, Lectio Divina, Spiritual Journaling, Spiritual Reading, Spiritual Retreat and Spiritual Direction.

vii.  Spiritual Warfare Course
This is a basic introduction workshop on the subject of spiritual warfare where some controversial issues such as inner healing, deliverance, prophetic word, generational curse, and demonization, will be addressed and a biblical framework provided to guide our practice.

viii.  Seven Sacred Pauses Workshop
In this workshop participants will learn and experience anew the rich heritage in the practice of the Liturgical Hour that include Matins, Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers and Compline.

ix.  Seven Sacred Pathways Workshop
How we connect to God and grow spiritually is often limited by the spiritual traditions that we are in. In this workshop participants will be introduced to other spiritual pathways that will expand and re-energize their journey with God.

x.  Seven Sacred Movements Workshop
In this workshop participants are introduced to the dynamics of the seven sacred movements, stages or phases of spiritual growth. They are, Awareness, Awakening, Exploring, Forming, Habituating, Nourishing, Transmitting, and Transforming.

xi.  Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Great Virtues Workshop
While not a popular subject to consider, we live in the reality of the struggle Paul described in Roman 7:15, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” This workshop is not about naming and shaming but about knowing our enemies and the ways to overcome. The seven deadly sins include Pride, Greed, Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Envy, and Sloth while the seven great virtues include Wisdom, Hope, Love, Justice, Temperance, Faith, and Courage.

xii.  Sensing God Workshop
In most of our church tradition we tend to neglect an embodied spirituality. This workshop provides the space for participants to explore and experiment using their five senses (touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing) and movements to connect with God.

xiii.  Lectio Divina Workshop
Translated literally as ‘Sacred Reading’, this workshop will address the often common intellectual and application approach to Scripture and provide an alternative to reading the Bible in a rhythm of information, transformation, and formation.

xiv.  Creative Journaling Workshop
Most of us will shun or shy away whenever we hear the term ‘Creative’ especially growing up in a culture that has been slow in embracing the ‘Arts’. This workshop aims to dispel some myths and shift our focus away from equating creativity to producing something that others consider ‘beautiful’. Participants will rediscover God’s design and invitation for us to be his Co-Creator.

xv.  Spiritual Discernment Course
Many of us often wish we can read or understand God’s mind or hear him clearly so that we can have the peace in our decision making process. How can I know God’s will? This workshop seeks to provide some direction in this search.

xvi.  Nature as Spiritual Practice Workshop
Adapted from Steven Chase’s book of the same title, this workshop aims to introduce participants to the relationship between God, us and creation.

xvii.  Christian Mysticism, Meditation and Contemplation Workshop
In the midst of the proliferation in the market place on this topic of meditation, Christians tend to associate such practices with New Age or Eastern religions. This workshop aims to provide the biblical and ecclesiastical foundation so that we can reclaim the spiritual practice of Christian meditation and contemplation.

xviii.  Retreat in Daily Life Workshop
Refer to Home Retreat

xix.  Basic Leadership Course
This course on leadership include the biblical foundation for leadership, basic leadership and facilitating skills, the soul of a leader, leadership renewal and mentoring, group life and group dynamics and so forth. The program will be designed according to the needs and available time frame of the group.

xx.  The Alpha Course
This is a course to introduce pre-believers to the Christian faith in a non-threatening but exploratory manner where open dialogue and questions are addressed.

xxi.  The SHAPE(S) Workshop
This workshop is an adaptation of the profiling tool made popular by The Saddleback Church for helping Christians discover how best to avail themselves in ministry for God. It covers the aspects of: Spiritual Gift, Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experience, and Spiritual Pathways.

xxii.  Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Spirituality Workshop
We are all created unique and connect with God differently. This workshop will help participants to discover and understand themselves better through the use of a personality profiling tool. Deepening our preferred prayer style and moving beyond our comfort zone will create opportunity for spiritual growth.

xxiii.  Spirituality for Later Life Workshop
This workshop will equip participants with spiritual practices that are helpful in living our autumn or winter years and develop a deeper appreciation of the spiritual opportunities that come along in the ageing journey.

A Sampling of Pastoral Care Workshops:

i.  People Helper Course
This course is designed for volunteers in the ministry of care. It will cover areas such as hospital and home visitation, bereavement and the practical challenges that one might face in a caring or helping relationship.

ii.   Journeying Through Life’s Losses Workshop
A workshop that focuses on dealing with and healing from experience of losses in life’s journey. It also seeks to address the issues of suffering and loss.

iii.  Visitation Ministry Course
What do you do or say when you visit someone in hospital, hospice, and nursing home or are homebound? How can we make our visits a meaningful one such as invited by Jesus in Matt. 25:36, “I was sick and you visited me”? This course will focus both on the know-how of visitation as well as the kind of ‘presence’ that we bring.

iv.  Learning to Care Workshop
This is a course adapted from the training program, Caring God’s Way by Selwyn Hughes and Trevor Partridge. It will provide a basic framework of care through Encouragement that supports feelings, Exhortation that influences behaviour, and Enlightenment that changes thinking.

v.  Tending the Soul of the Care-Giver
This workshop will focus on self-care and spirituality of the care-giver as well as cultivating the (incarnational) quality of their presence.

vi.  Handling Life Transitions
This workshop will provide the handles for journeying through the different life transitions that we encounter, transforming the challenges into means of grace for spiritual growth.

vii.  Developing the Caring Community
This workshop is designed for lay-members and small group members to learn the basic knowledge, skill, and disposition for creating a caring community.

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