Pastoral Counselling

Pastoral Counselling involves the establishment of a time-limited relationship that is structured to provide comfort for troubled persons by enhancing their awareness of God’s grace and faithful presence and thereby increasing their ability to live their lives more fully in the light of these realizations.

David Benner, Strategic Pastoral Counselling

While counselling primarily focus on resolving presenting problems and restoring functionality, pastoral counselling integrates care and cure of the soul by facilitating healing and restoration, nurture and support, and guidance through faith encounter and resources from the faith community.

Excluding the first interview session and the closure session, an average of 6-8 session is recommended for each counselling contract. Further extension, if required, will be discussed between the counsellor and counselee in the process.

Ethical Guidelines will be provided at first session.

In order to accommodate different income levels, there is a range for the fees. Counselee pay whatever they decide is financially sustainable for them within this range. My hope is that better-off counselee will pay at the top end of the scale so that less well-off counselee can pay at the lower end of the scale. In case of financial difficulty, arrangements can be made to suit your situation. Financial hardship should not be a barrier to receiving pastoral counselling.

Write in to make an appointment for a free consultation session to find out more with no obligation to continue.

The Meeting Space at One Pemimpin  (1 Pemimpin Drive, Singapore 576151). Digital platform is available and can be arranged for those residing overseas.

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