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Gospel Paradoxology Online Retreat

Sharoniel Cho

I have always been intrigued by the Paradoxical Teachings of Jesus, more so now in this seemingly paradoxical world. With much on my mind and heart about what is happening in the world with this sudden invasion of the COVID virus, I know this extended time away with God is not just paramount but also extremely timely. I need to inquire of the Lord for His purpose and plan for me during this extraordinary period. I so desire to know what it is that He is setting me aside to do now and more so post COVID. After 2.5 days of earnestly seeking and intentionally listening, my confidence is restored in the Lord with much clarity and peace.

For this, I’m thankful for the many many hours Alfred had poured into the research of the Gospel Paradoxology and the preparation of the retreat handouts. I have been so ministered to by the well thought out materials, from the reassuring Bible verses, to the beautifully penned prayers and poems from various Christian writers and saints. Every single stanza spoke to me at every different juncture which made the 2.5 days whizzed by too quickly. I only wish the retreat can go on another day or more!

Sharing one of my favourite prayers from the handout on Day 3 –

Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.
O Lord, my heart is ready, my heart is ready; my mind awake, attend, alert; my spirit open and ardent, abandoning all else, holding itself in leash, straining The Eye of faith, heartening for your step, distant and nearer, leaping with love, throbbing loudly, yet lying still;
Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.

~ Dean Eric Milner-White, My God, My Glory, 1967

Between Now and Then And Gospel Paradoxology Online Silent Retreat 2020

Catherine H.

Silent retreat with Ps Alfred was a refreshing experience for someone whose idea of retreat was a group fellowship with many (read ‘busy’) team building activities. This is truly a personal retreat where the participant is just God and me, in the quiet and stillness that is not awkward or uncomfortable.

I took my first online silent retreat in April 2020 with the focus of transition in “Between Now and Then”. Frankly, I wasn’t sure what to expect but through meticulous direction of each activity, I experienced God’s guiding touch and encouraging revelations that motivated me to pursue the second retreat, The Gospel Paradoxology.

Each spiritual exercise was very well curated and yet the experience was so uniquely personalized. As a strong visual and sensing person, I like the creative approach to exploration and discovery, yet not lack of words to describe the journey. It reveals the multi-facets and traits of God, who created us to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and will. As the Creator, He knows how to exactly reach out that makes sense to me.

I now have a deeper understanding of the practice of Lectio Divina and Prayer of Examen through both the retreats. Though still work in progress, the practice of seeking His presence through stillness is something that I look forward to amidst the storms that are raging around me.

Gospel Paradoxology Online Silent Retreat 19-21 Jun 2020

Cheryl Chiam

We are the church. I believe that our home is the church and a sanctuary for God and this belief is further enhanced during this Covid-19 period. So when the opportunity to join this retreat came, I was very grateful to be able to join even though it was oversubscribed and journey alongside with my husband.

During this retreat, I got to experience God in the ordinary day-to-day life and embraced disruption as a form of grace. Most importantly, I became more aware of God’s presence in my own home. Sometimes we think we need the perfect circumstances to experience God, like being in a retreat center, or when my kids are not around, or when I have my own space and so forth. However, I learned that I should never limit the presence and ways of God to my own understanding, and trust that He is able to meet me in whatever circumstances as I seek Him with all my heart, mind and soul.

The material provided during the retreat was superb and more than enough for the retreat period. It allowed me to dwell in the themes and topics surfaced during the retreat and even after it ended. The spiritual exercises were simple yet so impactful in facilitating our journey of experiencing God in a powerful way.

After this retreat, my husband’s sleep improved as he started to include morning and evening mediation into his routine – a spiritual practice which we adopted from the retreat. We praise God for this answered prayer ❤

Online Retreat at Home

Between Now and Then Online Retreat 20-22 April 2020

Sherina Wong

Being a task-oriented person, the idea of a silent retreat does not appeal to me. How can one be silent when there is so much to do?  But God knows better. 

Two years ago, I was led to a retreat conducted by Alfred (One Path) and it changed my life. I encountered God intimately.  It was in the silence that I met and heard from Him.  My heart was filled with joy and peace, an experience that I have never felt before. I became a strong believer of silent retreats. When we quieten ourselves and come away from life’s busyness we can really be intimate with God.  

Having experienced God in such retreats, I started Rere Travel Planners early this year. One of its purpose is to organise silent retreats.   Things were working out quite well until COVID-19 came.  Everything came to a halt. It was very disheartening. I knew I needed to seek God and get away in silence to hear from Him.

That was when I received an email invitation from Alfred to participate in One Path’s online silent retreat.  I wasn’t sure if an online retreat could replace a physical one.  Can I truly be silent with family members around? Will I be able to hear from God?  But I was reminded of Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart”.  

The theme of the retreat could not be more spot on – “Between Now and Then” -Transition. There were spiritual exercises and questions that allowed me to reflect and listen to God. It was a much-needed respite. It gave me clarity and I slept much better. I was energized and felt assured of God’s plan for me. I believe God is using Covid-19 as a transition to prepare me for the road ahead.

I am thankful to Alfred who was patient as he guided me during the retreat.  God never failed to show up and I have been tremendously blessed from the online retreat.  All glory to God for His amazing love, grace and mercy!

Workshop Review Jan 2020

A Workshop Series at Bukit Panjang Gospel Chapel, January 2020

Ps Alfred Quah’s teachings on “The Ancient Paths – Rest and Restoration” ( 5, 12, and 19 Jan 2020)

M K Chua, BPGC
I am blessed by Ps Alfred Quah’s teachings on the Ancient Paths that take us into a deeper meaning, purpose, and satisfaction of the Christian soul life – the essence of our being in Christ. His three topics (of five in all) covering the paths of being, devotion and remembrance draw us to a special relational frame of connecting with God in comparison to our often hectic lifestyle and work-life.

As Jesus invites us to come to him and find rest in Him (Matthew 11:28-30), so clarifying our wants, knowing our center of gravity, and finding our rhythm in the said paths respectively become essential considerations to an anxious-free yet active rest in Christ. My take is that instead of being bound by the contents of our life and its attendant rule-governed behavior, we are now free to be bound by the relational frame of a personal and satisfying life in Christ. I look forward to Ps Alfred’s sharing of his remaining topics: of poverty and of passion so that we can all benefit the more in our walk of faith in Christ.

Ps Kelvin, BPGC
Through many engaging platforms, Ps Alfred Quah captured the attention of my congregation throughout the three sessions that he had with us. That is no easy task as the participants’ ages ranged from 17 years all the way to those in their 70s! Ps Alfred’s thoughtful reflections coupled with his heartfelt sharing challenged all participants to long for and to embark upon our own spiritual pilgrimage of the Ancient Paths.

I have personally benefited much from Ps Alfred’s sharing which has spurred me to reflect on my own personal walk with the Lord and to focus on the one thing that is most needful. As a result, I am reaping the benefits of a deeper love for God and a restedness in my soul. I look forward to more sessions with Ps Alfred in the future. I highly recommend him to individuals and churches who are looking to grow deeper in the Lord and to experience the Abundant Life in Christ!”.

Kwanglim Prayer Mountain, South Korea 2019

Nature Sounds delight I hear
Be Your presence ever near
Grant it be Your guidance too
The pause "be still" and look to You

Tender mercies You have brought
Creatures near to view (birds blue and green)
Impact the memories of time gone by
To bring me back to You

Lord teach me Your patience to be still
To draw me nearer will
And keep me from the world apart
To draw me closer to Your heart

May the wind be still or change
To Your Presence impart
Only to offer life and peace
In goodness tensions cease. 
~ Darlene Yip

Listen to the wind, it talks
Listen to the silence, it speaks
Listen to your heart, it knows.   

~ Native American Proverb

Scotland Pilgrimage Review 2019

Andrew & Evelyn Goh
Why did we join this pilgrimage:
Andrew and I love walking. When the invitation came from Alfred for this retreat in May 2019, without hesitation we enrolled for this walking pilgrimage. We have participated in silent retreats in Korea, Chiangmai organised by Alfred before, but a walking retreat would be a different experience.

What did we experience:
Like in the musical ‘Sound of Music’ we enjoyed the scenery in walking through the rolling hills, meadows, being close to nature, the sound of the sheep, cow, farms. However, the walk is not smooth going all the time. We faced some tough terrains, swampy lands and long hours of walking.

So how did we make this a time of being close to God:
Through the daily morning and evenings time of contemplation, worship, praying and sharing. During our simple lunch break we had a time of contemplation as we rested. Try as we did to be silent during the walk, it can be difficult at times as we meet other fellow trippers saying a few words to us.

So what did we do:
We soak in the beauty of the countryside, the sceneries, the rays of light, clouds, shared with each other our thoughts as we walked – words of life, the Scripture. Also encouraging each other when the walk gets tough. We allowed God to speak to us through nature.

At one stage, Andrew was lagging behind and he had to hurry to catch up and felt left behind… but he remembered he is not walking alone, as God was walking with him.

For me – just to be able to walk in the open, soak in the beauty of creation makes me want to sing out loud to Him.  It was also such joy when we were able to worship God in the open and allow our voices to be raised and heard by anyone who is near our vicinity.

So was the trip worth it:
Yes, even with aching legs and walking through swampy land, rain and some inconveniences.   Knowing that God was always with us, watching us as we moved step by step, day by day. This was indeed a trip we would not want to miss and especially knowing that we are in the company of brothers and sisters-in-Christ, and of course with a spiritual leader as in Alfred Quah.

Ireland Pilgrimage Review 2018

Su Chien 
The Ireland/Connemara pilgrimage came at a time that I was making a transition in life. While relishing in the glorious wonders of nature, the camaraderie forged between fellow pilgrims and the soulful worship along the journey, I could sense His presence through it all. His quiet assurance that things will be fine gave me renewed strength to face the challenges ahead in my transition.

This is the first time I’ve embarked on a walking pilgrimage in Ireland but I hope it won’t be my last. I’m grateful to Alfred for organising this trip – it’s an experience I’ll never forget and I would highly recommend it.

Eugene Peterson said this on the subject of pilgrimages: “Pilgrimage is the ancient practice of walking, usually with others, to a holy site while paying careful attention to everything that takes place within and without, soul and body, all the ways that are inherent in the Way, along with the companions who are also on the Way.” Ireland, with her rich Christian heritage, is certainly a land of spiritual significance. As one of the places where Celtic spirituality thrived and from which Christianity spread to the rest of Europe through the Celtic saints from the 6th century, the environment makes it very conducive – for reflecting on what God had done in this sacred land in the past and for contemplating on what He can continue to do through His willing servants.

The natural beauty on full display in the expansive landscape that lined the Western Way made it very easy to commune with the Creator as we walked different sections of the route each day. We encountered “thin places” – surreal physical spaces where heaven and earth seem to touch – almost everywhere. The vast countryside, wooded tracks, quiet pastures, serene streams and rivers, and majestic mountain ranges and peaks somehow had a way of making our hearts receptive to the voice of the Spirit, as well as open to what He wanted to speak to and do in us. Walking the pilgrim route was like going for a silent retreat – just that this was not done in the confines of a room but out there in the glorious open, not being stationary in one place but on the move through nature.

I came to this pilgrimage seeking and hoping to get some clarity from Him with regard to certain decisions for the next season of my life’s journey. I left Ireland with a heart strangely warmed, knowing I’ve encountered Him and enjoying the whole experience of journeying with other like-minded fellow pilgrims. There was definitely something that happened, “within and without, soul and body” and I’m greatly blessed and deeply enriched.

Poh Khim
Many unexpected challenges. Had I known I would have decided that I wouldn’t be able to do it. But as I struggled up that steep climb, I had tried all ways to lighten my load. I tried carrying the haversack in front of me, on my arm, in my hand, alongside of me. Nothing seemed to work. If I could I would have tossed my haversack and abandoned it. Finally it was as it should be- strapped on my shoulders and carried on my back! Thanks be to God! He saw me up.

There was an evening when we arrived at our B&B and I had a room upstairs. I remember how I groaned my way downstairs for hot water. My legs and thighs were aching from board-walk stretch. I went to bed that night thinking my legs would not be able to survive another walk the next day.  But thanks be to God and to my very pleasant surprise, hardly a muscle or bone ached and I was ready for the day’s walk.

I experienced what it was like to transform from a busy city dweller living life in a cramped concrete jungle to a simple sojourner (pilgrim) who becomes exposed to the rugged beauty and vulnerabilities of the vast outdoors as I walked through hills and valleys, crossed streams and fields, mingled with sheep and cows, touched and smelt pretty spring flowers… my body, soul and spirit was refreshed.

Unlike other trips, I was freed of agendas, programs, teachings, etc. that crowded my mind and I could just simply be at peace with myself and enjoy the beauty of God in nature and His creation.

Many scripture passages like Psalm 23 came alive as I observed the sheep and walked the land. Surprisingly it was the hiking pole which taught me the importance of the shepherd’s rod to comfort and guide me. My hiking pole was a great help which I relied on to help me climb up and down, support me on muddy slippery terrain and I came to appreciate that I couldn’t have manged without it! On the whole it was a rewarding and challenging experience for me. 

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